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What Are Super Voting Nodes

Introduced by HADAX, super voting nodes are the professional investment organizations with an excellent reputation to vote for projects.Their responsibility is to make professional reviews and vote to projects that apply for HADAX voting.Help users to select quality projects using their expertise and reduce their investment risks.Super voting nodes are important partners of HADAX voting. We hope that super nodes, as a jury, can form a long-term mechanism by nominating projects and giving the first examination of projects, and then projects will enter the public vote. The first group of super nodes is invited by HADAX. In the future, we will use nomination system.

Users who apply to be super nodes must have 1 million HTs or above in their accounts. The privileges of super nodes include: Projects nominated by super nodes will have the priority of entering the first examination of super nodes. Super nodes can give the first examination and make reviews of projects.Their votes will not cost any HTs. Projects that receive 100% of votes from super nodes will directly enter the listing audit of Huobi Global.

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